Sam Hidaka (samhidaka) wrote,
Sam Hidaka

James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest

The first annual James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest closed on April 9, 2007. The winning story will be published in a future issue of Jim Baen's Universe.

As a member of the editorial staff of JBU, I'm one of the semi-final judges.

Earlier today, I finished reading the ten semi-finalist stories. (The contest administrator has stripped out all author information from the manuscripts. So I don't know who any of the authors are.)

There are two stories among the semi-finalists that are, IMO, publishable at the pro level.

Four of my colleagues have also read them all and rated them (and I expect at least two more to do so presently).

Three of my colleagues have given the highest rating to one particular story. It is, alas, the story that I think is second best.

The story that I liked the most was rated by the others: tie for first place, third place, tie for second place, tie for fifth place.

It actually doesn't much matter how we place the top three or four, because first place, second place, and third place will be decided by Eric Flint, Mike Resnick, and Toni Weisskopf.

But I'll be interested to see how my bosses rate the stories. I'm curious to see if they select the story chosen as first by most of the others -- or my first choice.
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