September 30th, 2007


Baen's Bar news

Arnold Bailey (the Grand Poobah of Baen's e-Publishing division, and administrator of Baen's Bar) has replaced the software that runs Baen's Bar.

It was a big job, but Arnold pulled it off smoothly.

So . . . effective today (2007-09-30), you will have to re-register, to access the Bar. If you were getting the Bar (all of it, or parts of it) by email or newsreader, you'll have to set those up again -- after you re-register.

The old software (WebBoard) was a web-forum management system -- to which Arnold added a back end to allow users to access the Bar by email and by newsreader.

But with 25,000+ registered users, the volume of postings was thousands of times what the WebBoard software was designed to handle. And the overload led to periodic crashes.

The new software system, from MPNews, is designed for newsgroup management -- so it can handle virtually limitless volumes of posts.

But the newsgroup software doesn't have a web forum interface. So Arnold added a customized web forum user front end.

Personally, I like the new Bar software system.

However, all the old posts now have new URLs -- so my posts with links to useful threads no long works. I'll have to redo all of that. Oh well . . . I had to update it anyway, to incorporate newer threads.